Dave Pagel | 78th District | Michigan House of Representratives | Southwestern Michigan | Congressman

Dave Pagel grew up on a fruit farm near Berrien Springs, Michigan. A graduate of Berrien Springs High School, he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree from Michigan State University in Agricultural Business. In 1976 he returned home after graduation, and began farming with his dad and his brother.

Small Business Owner - "The Apple Guy"
Dave is known to many as "The Apple Guy". In 1978 he started Dave Pagel Produce to assist in the marketing of the farm's produce. Over the last 36 years, Dave Pagel Produce has grown to sell apples, peaches and nectarines from over 30 farms in Michigan. The fruit is marketed to supermarkets and fruit stands in southwest Michigan, northern Indiana and the greater Chicago area.
In 2004, the family purchased 10 acres of land across the road from their house, and planted a Honeycrisp apple orchard and established Dave Pagel Farms. In 2007 they purchased an additional 20 acres of land near their house and have planted another orchard, this time of Macintosh, Fuji, Gala and Jonagold apples. In 2008, they built an apple-controlled atmosphere storage facility.

Traditional Family Values
Dave married Sue Stacey in 1986, and they have two sons and two daughters; Ashley - 26, Jeremy - 24, Hannah - 22 and Nate - 20. Dave has served for 9 years on the Church Board at The Chapel, E.F.C. in various capacities.

Front L - R: Hannah, Sue and Ashley - Toby (dog)
Back L - R: Nate, Dave and Jeremy

A History of Community Service
As his children grew up, Dave sponsored and/or coached many youth sports teams, including baseball, softball, football, soccer and basketball teams. Most local sports programs, playbills and school yearbooks had a sponsorship from Dave Pagel Produce included.
In 1993, the Berrien Springs Public School system was in a financial crisis. Dave’s oldest daughter was entering kindergarten. As most of the school board either resigned or were recalled, there was a real need for new leadership. Dave stepped forward and was elected to the new board, and was also elected President of the board. Thus began a 14-year time of service which helped the school system to recover, regain community support, and see much progress. Each year Dave was re-elected as board president, and was able to grow in his leadership skills through the experience.
In 2008, Dave was elected to the Berrien County board of commissioners. As he began his service in January of 2009, he was elected as the board chair. Dave was re-elected in 2010 and again re-elected as board chair. His four years of service, working alongside the county administrator, fellow board members, various county departments and county-wide elected officials have given him invaluable experience in government service.
Through the life experiences of growing up on a fruit farm, getting a good education, running a business and fruit farm, and serving many years as an elected official, Dave Pagel has grown in leadership and communication skills and gained a wealth of knowledge that will serve the 78th district very well.